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We understand that many growing organizations have limited marketing capital. Spending a fortune on a huge media campaign is not always affordable. At AdRoom, we work directly with advertisers to negotiate low prices for your business or idea. These deals will be sent to your inbox. Because these are often last minute deals, they go quick - so be prepared!

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Tips on Selecting Space

AdRoom is not a traditional media buying company, however, our sellers do provide us with specific details about the space. It is important that you evaluate all specifications prior to purchasing the space. Some important metrics include eyes on impressions (EOI), ad location, target audience, demographic, creative deadlines, the date your ad will be live, and so forth! If you have more questions prior to making the purchase, simply email us your inquiry.


No Creative? No Problem!

Simply advertising your logo and driving users to your site can generate tons of new fans for your idea. We can help you prepare your final creative ready file. All you need to do is buy the space!


Share and Save

AdRoom will take 5% off your final rate if you decide to put a small AdRoom logo on the bottom of your advertisement! Together, we can help more great ideas reach big audiences.

Ready to Sell Your Space for Great Ideas?

AdRoom would love to sell your ad space. Whether its a last minute billboard, half-page ad in a magazine, or online banner space, we can alert our customers to take advantage of promoting their business!


To list your space, please contact us and we'll get back to you immediately.

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